PET Changes

Di Anila R. Scott-Monkhouse

This webinar is for teachers whose students wish to take Cambridge Preliminary or Cambridge Preliminary for Schools (formerly known as PET). Though still set at B1 level of the CEFR, the exam has been reviewed as it aims to remain a communicative test which is relevant to the needs of learners of English and is better aligned with exams at the other levels. The exam will be subject to changes which will go live as from January 2020, with Pretests already following the updated format. In this webinar the presenter will explain these changes and provide ideas on how to prepare students for the new exam, which will consist in four papers and feature noticeable differences with new or revised tasks.

Anila R. Scott-Monkhouse teaches English as a Foreign Language at Parma University (Italy), and is a Speaking examiner for Cambridge Assessment English. She has also been involved in teacher training in Italy and the Czech Republic, and has cooperated with the European School of Parma and with the European College of Parma in the Diploma for Advanced European Studies. Her interests lie in analyzing and assessing the needs of learners of English, and bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world through learner training and by applying Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences in the field of language teaching. She herself has a passion for learning and strongly believes in self-improvement.

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